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Premium Beautiful Tips and Tricks

Premium Beautiful Tips and Tricks from CDM Razali Zain

(Husband of CDM Hanis Haizi)

CDM Raz and CDM Hanis Haizi on their 5 star sponsored trip to Amsterdam!
Picture credit to www.RazaliZain.com


1. Premium Beautiful MUST be worn a MINIMUM 8 hours a day.

2. Premium Beautiful MUST be hand washed. - No washing machine, dry clean, war machine... (sape dah tgk Iron Man 2 bolela gelak subsidi).

3. Premium Beautiful MUST be washed using liquid soap, Dynamo, Softlan, Fab, etc... NOT Clorox or any kind of bleach!

4. Premium Beautiful MUST be dried indoors/under a fan/dab with a towel etc... Whatever way DO NOT dry in the Sun.

5. Premium Beautiful MUST be worn COMPLETE FULL SET for women. Tak bole bra saja or girdle saja... waist nipper saja ok.

6. Premium Beautiful MESTI pakai consistently nak dapat results. Kejap pakai kejap tak, alamatnya berbulu la baru nampak result. Now you see, now you don't doesn't work, it ain't Chipsmore everybody!

1. Drink plenty of plain water. (If you have Bio-Aura water filter then better!). No explanation needed here. Our badan needs enough water to function. Plus you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday. P.B helps rid our body of toxins, so some wearers will feel they need to ur-inate(lol...) more often. Hence having enough water helps you get rid of more toxins faster, better.

2. Wash your P.B once in every 2 days. This helps to clean P.B of toxins from your body. P.B absorbs your sweat which carry toxins. Washing helps clean P.B and ultimately perform better.

3. After washing, dab your P.B using a towel to help it dry faster and leave it under a fan. Better if you have air-conditioning turned on. It should dry after a few hours. If it doesn't, switch the fan on or get a new fan.

4. Take body measurements before and after using P.B this helps you notice the changes in body measurement accurately. Taking pictures also helps. Most phones today have a built in camera. It's not that hard people!

5. Be patient, 1st time wearers of P.B may not be used to the feeling of a full body undergarment for the first few days or even weeks. Like a lot of things, it takes time to get used to it.

6. Don't expect miracles! P.B ain't a miracle worker. Wearing P.B doesn't protect you from H1N1 or AIDS. It assists your body's immune system and promotes better health NOT IMMUNITY or IMMORTALITY!

7. If wearing P.B is unbearable, please stop using it and don't force yourself unto something you don't like. Seek professional medical help for whatever health conditions you might have. P.B doesn't replace the role of Doctors.

So there you have it folks. Just some simple 'Tips & Tricks' from me on Premium Beautiful! If you think this helps, by all means have a go and try it. Do let me know what works and what doesn't. Good luck and I wish you the best!

*Credit to CDM Raz

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