Thursday, 7 June 2012

Something to ponder upon..

I am venturing into a zone that I am really not comfortable with before...

I always hear about the bad or negative comments about this thing.. Conning people, you will be left to 'die' alone, your invested money will be gone in no time and ect..

But I also have seen the wonders it had done to several other people.. They are successful and had achieved the impossible at such a young age..

I want to be like them.. have what they have.. but I know in order to achieve it I need to work hard..

Besides, I am free right now.. I have nothing to lose.. And as I said, I am always open for options..

All people question me why I quit my so called 'fabulous' and 'high-paying' professional job.. The reason is simple.. I want to spend more time with my family especially my twins.. Of course all mothers out there want to be a stay at home mommy but of course money is the constraint.. If only I had the freedom from financial worries.. But since my savings are getting scarce, I need to find ways to make money.. at least to cover my monthly commitments..

Why not find a job? I am looking for jobs.. or should I say I am browsing for jobs.. heheh.. But I am not ready yet to start working.. I have several things that I need to look into first.. its too private for me to share..

Pray for me please.. so that I can be successful in anything I do..

Ya Allah, show me the right path and the right way to pursue my dreams in life... Amin...

Whatever it is, my kids are my main priorities.. Always will and always be.. Mommy loves you both..

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