Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Izza's 26th Birthday Celebration..

It was my sister, Izza Izzati Iffah Idris's 26th Birthday last Sunday (22 July 2012)...

So, to celebrate, we went to buka puasa at Dewan Perdana FELDA..

Takdelah celebrate sangat pun.. Just makan-makan satu family...

My dearest Papa & brother, Asna Asnawi Asyraf...

My sister, Izza Izzati Iffah & Iman Nuralisha Hani..

Siti Humaira, Yuni & Haiqal Qalif Irfan...

The food.. As usual, gambar tukang amek gambar dan Encik Suami takde... :(

So, to my darling sister, Izza Izzati Iffah...

For all happy times we have together shared,

And all your feelings towards me as you cared.

For the fights and arguments we have had,
And with time, how beautiful our bonding has fared.
To you my dear sister, a lifetime of prayers and love..

Come wrapped for your birthday for you to say wow...
Happy Birthday Dear Sister!



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