Friday, 27 July 2012

My first encounter with ARZU

Had heard about ARZU Boutique for quite some time..But as I think that Syria style hijab is not for chubby or round face person, I never thought of giving ARZU a visit.

Last 2 weeks, I bought a shawl from Radiusite.. and my leader cum friend Ms Mursyida Mohsin who had just came back from Guangzhou gave me souvenirs and one of it is a shawl... Since I don't have any inner to wear with the shawls, I decided to go to ARZU to purchase one.. Besides, I have been longing to see what they have to offer...

So, last Sunday I went to ARZU boutique in Midvalley with Hairil.. When we came in the SA greeted us and I told her that I am looking for inners.. So she showed me 2 types of inner and I tried it on.. Well, its not as bad as I'd think it would.. 

Then, I ask her "Can you show me how to wear a shawl as I've never try it before?".. So, she took a chiffon and cotton shawl and showed me how to actually wear a shawl.. As I am satisfied with the result and Hairil said that I look better in shawls, so I decided to buy a few more for myself to wear during raya and day-to-day..

After I paid for my shawls and inner and was about to leave the store, the SA said that "Akak, pakai terus je la... Meh saya pakaikan.." So, she chose one of the shawl from the one I bought that matched my outfit and she help to put it on me..

Me, before 'makeover'

My 'makeover' session.. hahah...

Me, after 'makeover'... So, what say you?

Posing in front of the counter..

With my 'hasil rembatan'.. 5 shawls and 6 inners.. A hole in my pocket..

Hopefully my shawl days will be ok.. I hope I can 'lilit' the shawl properly.. As per what one of my friend told me, "Lilit je asal jangan terbelit sudah..." Hahaha.. InsyaAllah tak terbelit..




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