Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Dating series..

This is so called backdated post.. Took place on Friday, 3rd of August 2012..

As usual, on Friday I have my IMP class at Green Leaders Academy Malaysia.. But during Ramadhan, the class will start around 9.30 pm after the tarawikh prayers.. 

So, instead of having Iftar at home, I skipped cooking and go on date with my darling hubby..

We had our Iftar at Garden Lifestyle Restaurant at The Curve..

The interior

Nice 'landscaping' i would say.. with Mr Hairil..


Our starter.. Caesar salad with smoked salmon.. Yumss!

Mine.. Spaghetti Marinara..

Hot Mocha :)

Mr Hairil's Pineapple Fried Rice..

After that, we went straight to TTDI.. but since it was still early we had our dessert at Tutti Frutti, TTDI first...

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt.. A combination of Mango, Chocolate & Strawberry.. with Peanuts and M&Ms..

Mr Hairil in serious mode..

Me before going to my GLAM class..

Its been a while since we've been out dating together.. You know what Mr Hairil.. we should do this more often..

ps: I am still new in 'shawl wearing'.. So please excuse the 'tak kemas' tudung ok... 

Mental note: To do some tutorial on shawl wearing online!

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