Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Will be out of town til SUNDAY

Salam all..

I will be going for a short holiday with my family and in laws

from today (Wednesday, 26 September 2012) to Sunday (30 September 2012)..


But don't worry, my 'business' is still on as usual...

That's the beauty of online business.. Always 'open' 24-7!

You can still reach me through my phone..

or you can PM me on Facebook..

Where am I going?

Monas Tower, Jakarta

Tanah Abang, Jakarta

Masjid Istiqlal, Jakarta

Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor

Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung

Ciater Hot Spring, Bandung

Pasar Baru, Bandung

Rumah Mode Factory Outlet, Bandung

 Yup.. Going to Jakarta & Bandung for 5 days 4 nights..

Will update more on our holiday after we come back..

See you guys soon...

Happy 28th Birthday Ms Hanis Haizi!

I would like to take the opportunity to wish

my dear mentor, Ms Hanis Haizi 

a very very Happy 28th Birthday!

Today is a perfect day to tell you

that you have been a wonderful mentor, supporter and guide..

May you get the best of everything in life!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Plus size: Want to look beautiful?

Are you one of those plus size woman who thinks that they look dumpy and ugly? Don’t! Plus-size women are now slowly creeping onto catwalks and showing the world what they are made off.

Being plus-size now is no more a taboo. They are curvy and luxurious beauties. Though many crave to be a size zero, the true beauty of a woman lies in her curves. With a little bit of fashion tip, you can turn the most plus-sized women into a bombshell.

Below are a few tips for those who wish for a difference in their outlook:

Tip number 1: Buy clothes that fit

- The rule of thumb for plus sized women is to refrain from wearing baggy and shapeless dresses which tends to make them look bigger.

- Buy clothes that fit correctly. Clothes that are too tight emphasize unwanted bumps and lumps and can make you look heavier. So find your size and buy accordingly.

Tip number 2: Don’t go for frills and fussy prints

- When purchasing fabrics stay away from frills and fussy prints. They don’t make you look good instead it only makes you look bigger. Go for clean cuts and classic designs which turns you into an elegant and chic plus sized woman.

Tip number 3: Choose dark colors

- Dark colors are known to give the slimming effect. Choose deep colors such as burgundy, royal purple, royal blue or dark green.

- If you like bright colors use them to draw attention to the most attractive parts of your body, such as your face, shoulders and neck.

Tip number 4: Avoid horizontal lines

- Wear clothes with vertical lines. They may give an elongating and slim look. Asymmetrical stripes may also help you appear slimmer and taller. Wear delicate, small prints. Tiny flowers or polka dots can help you appear slimmer.

Tip number 5: Play up your assets

- Try an empire waist dress or top which highlights your best assets. If you have an hour glass figure then choose an outfit with a belt. If you have large hips, choose clothing that hugs the waist and flows over the hips.

- Purchase shirts that go just over your hips and abdomens. If they are shorter it will only tend to expose the bulges.

- Also try skirts that are designed to hit right at knee length, like the plus size pencil skirts.

Tip number 6: Wear heels

- Try adding a bit of height to your plus sized figure by wearing heels. It will make you look more proportioned and slimmer.

Tip number 7: Own a body suit

- This is your best friend. If you don’t already have one, then buy it. It helps to hold your bulges in the right places.

This is where Premium Beautiful Corset play it roles.. This miracle corset helps redistribute your body fats to the right places. Pulls excess fat from other areas of the body particularly the back & love handles into the breast area and buttocks, giving women that desirable body figure they crave.

Tip number 8: Accessorize your look

- A plus size wardrobe can often consist mostly of the same basic elements. So accessories are a must. Try accessorizing a pain top with different earrings, handbags, shoes or belts. You will not only look good but feel good as well!

So for all you plus size women out there, hope that these tips will provide you with some guidelines on how to look chic and elegant. Throw away those loose T-shirts and start looking glamorous!

Monday, 17 September 2012

BIOZONE Food Purifier

Food that we eat today may look and taste delicious but could in fact hide many deadly toxins that could harm our body. Taking in these pollutants will gradually lead to health risking disease. Although we know that food from markets contain agricultural chemical pesticides, most of us are not totally aware how harmful it is to us.

To further increase the commercial production of crops, farmers are using all sorts of pesticides and chemicals on their harvests far exceeding the safe rate of dosage. Moreover, what we eat everyday contains high level of antibiotics and growth stimulant. These impurities cannot be biodegradable in such short period of time by animals. Therefore when we eat meat, we consume these remaining harmful chemical presence.

Hai-O Marketing Sdn. Bhd. had introduced BIOZONE Food Purifier, a product that can eliminate or minimise the contaminants.

BIOZONE Food Purifier uses a proprietary process integrating ozone-resistant materials to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). The ozone that eliminates contaminants will be converted back into oxygen. The medical grade silicone tube will then channel the ozone into the water where the food is immersed. Bubbling process will take place to purify the food within the pre-determined time frame. 

Product Benefit:

 Product Features:

Usage Direction:

How long do I need to purify the vegetables and meat?
Please refer to the operating instruction manual found inside the packaging box. Generally, all the food (Eg : fruits, vegetables, seafood) require 15 minutes. Only meat (Eg : chicken, lamb, beef) requires 30 minutes. This machine operates at maximum 45 minutes, which can be used for long bath or refrigerator.

Moreover, there is 3 minutes ON/OFF sanitising function for a liter of water. This sanitising function is used to remove bacteria on the surface of food in a quick manner without the use of water. Generally, if you have more water, you can multiply timing accordingly. The maximum volume of water is 10 litres or 30 minutes.

What happens if the ceramic stone or silicone tube is broken?
Replace with a new set which comprises a ceramic stone and a silicone tube.

Why do I need to perform the general maintenance after 2 years from the date of  purchase?
The technician will open up the BIOZONE Food Purifier machine to check and clean all internal parts, including calibration. This is to ensure that BIOZONE Food Purifier operates at optimum performance and last longer.

Do I need to purify for longer interval if I have a lot of foods?
BIOZONE Food Purifier is designed for HOUSEHOLD USE only. Assuming you have 3 – 4 chicken portions, it is still fine to take 30 minutes to purify the meat as long as you adhere to the maximum water volume of 10 litres.

Does it consume excessive electricity?
No. The electricity power consumption is minimal at 35 Watts only. It is like lighting up a bulb in your house.

How do I service the ceramic stone?
Plug the silicone tube out from the machine. Use a toothbrush to gently brush the surface of the ceramic stone under the tap running water. After that, air-dry. Once a while, dry it under the sun. If there is any bad odour, you may purify the ceramic stone in plain water for few minutes and air-dry.

Will the food nutrients be lost in the purifying process?
We have a laboratory test on the meat to show that most of the nutrients are maintained. This can only be possible using a good food purifier. If you use conventional technology, it might reduce the nutrients substantially.

Do I need to wash the food again after purification?
It is not necessary to wash the food after purification process. But, if you feel the need to rinse the food after purification, you can use filtered water to avoid any re-contamination with tap water.

How long can the BIOZONE Food Purifier last?
After the first 2 years, as long as you send back the machine for general maintenance once a year, it can last very long.

Why can’t I use a plastic container and what other bowls can I use?
Not all plastics are ozone-resistant. Generally, we do not advise to use plastic bowls. It would be best to use stainless steel or glass bowls.

Can I use to clean baby bottles?
Generally for plastics, we try to avoid direct purification. You can first purify the water in a glass or stainless steel container and use the purified water to rinse the baby bottles.

Why meat has foam, but for vegetables, it is not visible?
Pesticides are generally soluble in water, hence it is not visible.  For the foam, it is a long chain of fatty acid which is more prevalent in meat.  Most of the fatty acid has polymer-based compounds which may be difficult for the body to absorb. If the body is able to absorb, it actually goes into the blood stream which may be bad for health over a long period of intake.

Can I remove antibiotics from the meat during purification process?
The foam did not reveal any antibiotic trace, but during the 30 minutes purification process, the laboratory test report showed that antibiotic was absent after purification.


Will the foam be totally gone if I detoxify for longer periods of time?
The chances of the foam being totally gone is rare because more fats can be removed through longer periods of purification. The side effects would be more nutrients lost. Hence, we do not need to over-purify the meat.

Some vegetables and fruits float up during the purification process. What can I do?
Just use a cover to close the bowl with a small gap for the silicone tube to pass through, as long as the cover is not made of plastic material.

How can I be certain that BIOZONE Food Purifier can perform 100% purification?
We do not claim that BIOZONE Food Purifier can purify all chemicals by 100%. Our objective is to try to minimise as much chemicals as possible before we consume the food. Most chemicals can be reduced through the BIOZONE Purification Process, which we have a series of laboratory tests to share. Scientifically proven in many advanced countries, ozone technology is commonly used for purification of water, food and swimming pool treatment.


 For more information on the product and the demonstration, please view the video below:

If you are interested with the product, please feel free to contact me for product demo and consultation:

Irda Adillasafwati Idris
019 280 2631

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Happy Malaysia Day!

Hope my lovely and peaceful Malaysia will remain calm and in harmony forever for the sake of our children and future generations...

Friday, 14 September 2012


I am sure everybody especially ladies want to look beautiful..

One of the criteria of a beautiful person is a very smooth, clear and healthy skin.. 

Wrinkles, gloomy and non-healthy skin will make the owner looks older although she had a very slim and healthy body.. 

It is easy to care for your 'outer' skin.. You can use cleanser, masker, moisturiser and lots of other skin products.

But what about caring for your skin from 'within'?


Hai-O Marketing Sdn. Bhd. had come up with a new product called BB Plus Kolagen.

This BB Plus Kolagen provides highly bioavailable collagen peptides to replenish and re-build collagen networks in the skin. 

 BB Plus Kolagen is specifically formulated to stimulate new collagen production in the skin to effectively reduce skin imperfections and to promote overall smoothness.

BB Plus Kolagen will provide skin with appropriate elasticity, moisturization, strenght and suppleness.

BB Plus Kolagen is made from 5000mg hydrolyzed fish collagen for a better absorption and assimilation.

Co-factors such as grape seed extract and Vitamin C are added to strengthen and protect collagen network. 

When taken daily, BB Plus Kolagen can promote youthfulness and overall health.

The main ingredients are:
Hydrolyzed fish collagen, Grape seed extract, Vitamin C, Inulin, Blackcurrent juice powder, Roselle juice powder, Apple fiber, Isomaltulose & Sucralose.

How to consume:
Mix one (1) sachet of BB Plus Kolagen into 150ml water. Avoid using hot water. Stir well and consume immediately. Best to be taken before meal or before bedtime.

From 1st September 2012 to 30th November 2012, there is PROMOTION provided by Hai-O Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

With every purchase of 4 BB Plus Kolagen, you will receive 1 FREE box of BB Plus Kolagen and 1 FREE Limited Edition BB Plus Shaker.

The Market Price for the BB Plus Kolagen = RM180/box (20 sachet per box).

But, if you buy from me.. I will give you further discount..

Promotion Price for BB Plus Kolagen from Premium Beautiful by Irda Idris will be:

RM175 per box for 
purchase of 1 box of BB Plus Kolagen

RM170 per box for 
purchase of 2 boxes or 3 boxes of BB Plus Kolagen

RM700 for 
purchase of 4 box of BB Plus Kolagen
(you will get 1 box BB Plus Kolagen and 1 Limited Edition Shaker for FREE ~ making it approximately RM140/box)

That's approximately 5 months supply of BB Plus Kolagen.

CDM Siti Rohana Yusoff with BB Plus Kolagen.. Although she is 40 plus, look at how her skin glows just from the recent consumption of BB Plus Kolagen..

CDM Naa Kamaruddin with BB Plus Kolagen

Get your BB Plus Kolagen and call me now for great discounts!!

Irda Adillasafwati Idris
019 280 2631

Update as at 1.1.2013:

The promotion as per above has ended.

Please refer here for current promotion.

Thank you!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Anda dah mula menabung?

Anda ada duit simpanan?

Saya ada... tapi.. tak banyak sangat walaupun dah 7 tahun keje...

Anda bagaimana??

Saya ada satu rahsia...

Saya tahu macam mana nak tambahkan duit simpanan saya..

Nak maksimum kan akaun ASB anda?

Nak menambah simpanan duit Tabung Haji anda?

Nak menambah investment mutual fund anda?

Meh sama-sama kita buat bisnes Premium Beautiful ni...

Kalau mereka boleh, kenapa tidak kita?

CDM Azlan Deraman & CDM Siti Rohana - Pendapatan Bulanan > RM1.6million

CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain - Pendapatan Bulanan > RM300k

CDM Naa Kamaruddin & DSM Ashraf Naserudin - Pendapatan bulanan > RM40k.

Anda nak jadi macam mereka?? Ya, saya pun nak...

Kalau nak nak tau macam mana, hubungi saya segera!!

Irda Adillasafwati Idris

019 280 2631

 Jangan lambat tau!!


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera semua.. Saya bukan nak nyanyi lagu Newboyz hari ni.. walau pun lagu tu memang antara lagu yang po...