Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My Very Own Testimonial

The after picture was taken on my first day of wearing Premium Beautiful Corset.

Update as at 18 June 2012:
With consistent wearing of Premium Beautiful Corset and Nurich Lacto-lite, I have loss 2kg in just 6 days!! Yeay!!!

Update as at 26 June 2012:
I have lost another KG and a few CMs...
Underbust: 2 cm
Waist: 3 cm
Hips: 2 cm
Making it a total lost of 3KGs and 7CMs in just 2 weeks!! Yeay!!!

Update as at 25 July 2012:

Lost 2 kgs since last weight in.. 
Making it a total lost of 5KGs in 6 weeks!!

Update as at 12 August 2012:

Update as at 27 AUGUST 2012:
Yay! Weight in result after a week of RAYA... NO WEIGHT GAIN!!

Update as at 1 NOVEMBER 2012:
 Yay! Loose another 2kg making it a total of 8kg!

Update as at 7 December 2013

Timbang-timbang tadi tengok dah turun total 10.3kg.. 0.3 pun nak letak..hahaha..
Maknanya dalam masa setahun saya tak diet sangat, makan nauzubillah tak control.. hehe.. tapi still berat tak naik.. turun lagi ada.. walaupun sikit.. 

Terima kasih sangat pada PB ku sayang.. 

I know i still have a long way to go to achieve a healthier and slimmer me..

But to achieve something, we need to start somewhere..

I have taken my first step..

When do you want to take yours?

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