Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Jakarta & Bandung Trip - Day 1

This is a long overdue post.. But better late than never right? Hehehe.. So here it goes..

We booked this AirAsia ticket to Jakarta way back in December 2011. It was on sale and it cost us only RM75 per person return (just for seats only). So, me and Hairil decided to bring his mother and sisters together with us since they have never been to Jakarta and Bandung before..

So, on 26th September 2012 morning, off we flew to Jakarta and arrived at Soekarno Hatta International Airport around 8.15am.

Our driver, Pak Cecep had waited for us at the Airport since we have arranged for our transportation and accommodation all in advance. Our first destination is to Taman Safari Bogor.

As it took more than 3 hours to reach Taman Safari Bogor from Jakarta, we stopped for lunch first at Kedai Masakan Padang Sederhana in Puncak.

The food spread at Sederhana Restaurant..

After we  are all full, we went straight to the Taman Safari.. Here the animals are let free to roam around at the park. Except for dangerous animals like Tigers, Lions and Bears, they are separated from the other animals. So lets see the pictures of the animals available at the park that we managed to capture  below:

Hippopotamus & Deers


Orang Utans

This is my kids favourite, Elephant




More giraffe

Ooohh and I forget to tell that we can actually drive through the Safari Park and feed the animals. Along the way from the Sederhana Restaurant to the Park there were carrots sold at the road sides. And of course for safety reasons, no one is permitted to get out from the car.



Hmmm not sure the name of this long, sharp horn animal.. Hehehe.. Ok.. After seeing all the animals available we had a tea break and several rides at the Safari before continuing our journey to Bandung.

Our first stop after reaching Bandung around 6pm is Rumah Mode Factory Outlet.. Yup guys.. A shopping heaven.. I bought the twins and my nephew dresses, shirts and trousers, a CROCS shoe for myself, shirts for my brothers and father.

I like Rumah Mode because they are several seating areas provided and it is very clean. They are also few fountains with fishes available and the twins love watching the fishes..

After we had finished our shopping for the day, we had our dinner at one of the Padang Restaurant near Rumah Mode (can't remember the name and didn't manage to capture any pictures as we are all too tired and hungry), we checked in to our hotel, Sukajadi Hotel.

We reached our hotel around 9pm.. The check in went smooth.. No delay and what not..

As we are all very tired, we bathed the kids, gave them milk and we dozed off.

Alright, there you go.. Our first day during the trip.. Will update more on the next part of the trip soon.. 

Stay tune..

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