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Irda Adillasafwati Idris

Monday, 26 November 2012


Our beloved mentor, CDM Hanis Haizi came up with the idea to host for a GLAM Night event just 2 weeks before the event date.. An adhoc event I would say but boy, we really enjoyed the night..

The GLAM Night was actually an after party for the 20th Anniversary of Hai-O to celebrate our new line of 2012 Crown Diamond Managers..

Just like the post before, enjoy the pictures.. More will come soon.. Stay tune..

The dessert table set up.. Love the macaroons and cakes..

The table set up with our door gifts and gorgeous deco..

Part of my table mates.. Shara, Cik Juju, Nadhyra Sidek & Cik Cida..

Me with the Grand Prize for the lucky draw and CROWNS for the fellow CDMs..

Last but not least.. Mr & Mrs President of Green Leaders Group.. CDM Razali Zain & CDM Hanis Haizi.. The mastermind for the event.. 

Quoting CDM Lily's statement "Superlove... the after party was the highlight, cream on the top for GLG celebration! Brilliant for the planning and execution..thank you Mr and Mrs President!"

 Stay tune for more...

Wanna join our GLAM team? Contact me now..
Yours truly,

Irda Adillasafwati Idris
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Teaser - 2012 CDM Celebration & Hai-O 20th Anniversary Celebration

Last Saturday (24-11-2012), our company Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd celebrated their 20th Anniversary and also 2012 CDMs Celebration at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam.

Out of 35 2012 CDMs in Malaysia, 7 are from Green Leaders Group.. We really conquer the stage during the event. One of them is my CDM Naa Kamaruddin..

Below are several of pictures during the event.

My hubby and I.. Thanks for accompanying me to the event Dear...

The stage that I think is at par with other prestige award ceremony like AIM, ABPBH & ect..

Us looking all GLAMmed up for the event.. Me with bakal DSM Nadhyra Sidek & bakal DDM Juju..

With my one and only CDM Naa Kamaruddin.. She's wearing Datuk Radzuan Radzwill's designer dress.. Adored her so much.. Congratulations dear for the great success.. Hopefully one day I will be able to achieve what you have achieved today.. Will follow your every step..

Part of the Green Leaders Council getting ready for our group photo shoot.. Look at their designer dresses.. From left to right: CDM Adibah Karimah, CDM Hanis Haizi (also wearing Datuk Radzuan Radzwill's), CDM Razali Zain, CDM Syukran, CDM Maisarah Ibrahim, CDM Sha Khalid, DDM Zahir & CDM Salha Zain..

Stay tune for more stories and pictures on the event..

Yours truly,

Irda Adillasafwati Idris
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Thursday, 22 November 2012

The TRUTH About Premium Beautiful Business!

I want to share this post from CDM Salha Zain's blog.. CDM Salha Zain is one of the CDM Hanis Haizi's earliest business partners way back in 2009.

I have been reading several post of Facebook and blogs from people I know about how bad this business is.. When they failed, they start blaming the system, the company and ect..

When I started doing this business, I did my research. Of course there are a lot of people that are not successful but what about the successful people? Why must we focus about the bad or negative thing when there are a lot of proves and testimonials of other successful enterpreneurs.. I told myself "IF ALL THIS PEOPLE CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!"

When people join this business, there are several things in common with other people that join this business.
1) You are under the same company
2) You have the same products to sell
3) You have the same business plan to follow

All people that join this business, no matter if they are successful or failed in this business, have the same 3 things as I lay out above. So, no point on blaming the company, the product or the business plan if you are not successful. It all comes down to the group you join and you, yourself.

By joining the right group, you will get every support that you can get. I don't know about other group but since I join this business, my fellow business partners and mentors had been at my back, backing me up, motivating me, lend me their hands and ears whenever I needed help and an extra push. Not just from my direct leader but all other mentors like Bakal CDM Cik Cida and even CDM Naa Kamaruddin herself. Thats what our mentors in Green Leaders Group teach us. Everything must be done in TEAM.

T ogether E veryone A chieve M ore!

And why I said YOU is important? For godsake, THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS. YOURS!! You are the one that need to do something whenever you had the feelings that things are not going your way.. Consult the people that had already been through what you're going through.. FOLLOW YOUR LEADERS closely.. This is a reminder for myself also for sure.. I am still in my learning path and I hope one day I will make it to where I want it to be.. InsyaAllah..

So, for those of you that still have doubts, please read the post below. You can read the full post HERE.



Lately ramai betul Salha discover kat luar sana yang ada ‘bad experience’ dengan bisnes. Ada jugak yang nak buat bisnes tapi demotivated lepas baca blog-blog yang kononnya ‘expert’ on giving opinion (actually one-sided review focussing on those yang gagal for watever reason). As for me, Alhamdulillah Salha dijodohkan dengan MENTOR + KUMPULAN yang betul… so ALL these things DID NOT happen in my business group. So kat sini, Salha just nak REVEAL, why in GLAM and B32, we are DIFFERENT.

Korset PB dah lebih 10 tahun dalam market. Dapat SUPERBRAND. Ada Lifetime Warranty. Thousands of POSITIVE testimonials from clients. Customers yang repeat beli set pun ramai, yang pakai lebih dari 2-3 set pun ramai, and everyday makin ramai yang nak pakai corset ni. And everyday jugak more and more young women yg akan pakai produk ni. Yang nak shape-up, yang nak slimming, yang nak get curvalicious body, yang sakit belakang, yang nak eliminate period pain, yang ikhtiar nak concieve, yang nak sihat, yang nak bengkung after pregnancy… U name it. Pendek kata, SENANG JUAL. Market is wide open and InsyaAllah bersifat longterm.


From the moment you signup as business partner, until u jadi CDM (and forever), mentor sentiasa ada untuk bimbing. There is no such thing as “Ok, set dah ada, pegila jual sendiri.” No no no… Not in our group. Ilmu produk sentiasa disediakan, ilmu marketing online or offline pun disediakan. Plus ilmu membimbing etc… As long as the student is ready, the teacher will always be ready to teach.

Leader pulak bukan rookie or newbies, leaders terdiri dari lapisan leaders yg dah capai semua yg boleh dicapai. Jam Tangan, Tabung Kereta, pangkat CDM, Melancong trip Eropah, income 5-6 angka dan juga simpanan juta. Maknanya, kalau leader dah capai, CONFIRM kami boleh bimbing anda untuk capai benda yg sama. This year alone, Salha dah lahirkan lagi 3 CDM baru under my mentorship even tak sampai 3 tahun pun dalam biz ni..


4. EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE…Pengalaman lebih 10 tahun dalam bisnes yg sama. Bisnes longterm, bisnes sepanjang hayat. Itulah matlamat yg diterapkan dan dah dibuktikan oleh top leaders kami. Pada Salha ni sangat penting sebab, betapa ramai org yg buat bisnes kat luar sana tapi hanya bertahan jangka pendek. Alhamdulillah Salha sendiri dah nak masuk tahun ke-4 berbisnes PB ni. Semua ni tak mungkin berlaku kalau tiadanya pengalaman dan strategi yang terbukti.


When it comes to business for the future, Salha rasa bertuah sgt dijodohkan dgn GLAM yang merupakan pioneer in online marketing yang dah berjaya generate milllions sales. Dulu nama Irfan Khairi jutawan internet, sekarang kami pun dah berjaya gunakan online generate millions and millions of sales not just from Malaysia but soon all over the World! Nak tahu how? Come, join and stick with us. We dont just teach theories, we show u how u can do what we did.

So, kalau you nak tau the TRUTH about PB bisnes, refer to the right source. If you nak berjaya in the business, learn from orang yang dah berjaya. Make sense?



Contact me at:
Irda Adillasafwati Idris
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Monday, 19 November 2012

Garam Buluh Premier Powder

Hai-O Garam Buluh (Bamboo Salt) Premier Cooking Salt Powder


Hai-O Garam Buluh menggunakan garam dijemur di bawah matahari yang berorganik dan 100% semulajadi sebagai ramuan utamanya. Garam ini diperolehi daripada air laut yang kaya dengan tenaga bijih-bijih bawah tanah Pulau Xiongjin dan Pulau Yanping yang terletak di Pantai Barat Korea. Hai-O Garam Buluh membekalkan lebih banyak bahan mineral (misalnya magnesium, kalium, kuprum, ferum, zink dan sebagainya) dan 200 lebih jenis elemen surih jika berbanding dengan garam biasa. Dengan menggunakan garam buluh yang semulajadi untuk memasak, nilai nutrisi lauk dapat ditingkatkan, lauk juga menjadi lebih enak dan sihat.

Adakah penggunaan Hai-O Garam Buluh untuk memasak akan mempengaruhi rasa lauk?
Tidak, malah akan meningkatkan nilai nutrisi lauk selepas menggunakan Hai-O Garam Buluh untuk memasak.

Antara Hai-O Garam Buluh dengan garam laut, manakah yang lebih baik?
Hai-O Garam Buluh menggunakan garam dijemur di bawah matahari yang berorganik dan 100% semulajadi daripada Korea sebagai ramuan utamanya. Garam semulajadi ini dimasukkan ke dalam buluh yang berusia tiga tahun, kemudian ditutup dengan tanah liat, dimasukkan ke dalam relau bagas, dan dibakar dengan pokok pine. Proses pembakaran dapat meneutralkan atau menyingkirkan bahan berbahaya seperti logam berat dan kotoran yang ada dalam garam, manakala intipati pokok pine (resin pine, minyak pine) dan buluh (200 lebih jenis elemen surih yang diperlukan oleh badan) bercampur ke dalam garam dan menambahkan kandungan ion logam inorganik yang diperlukan oleh badan manusia seperti magnesium, kalsium, kalium, kuprum, ferum, zink dan sebagainya. Nilai nutrisinya adalah lebih tinggi daripada garam laut.

Adakah kita perlu berhenti mengambil garam jika garam biasa dikatakan tidak sihat?
Badan manusia memerlukan garam memandangkan garam adalah bahan yang penting untuk pertumbuhan badan. Ia dapat menyelaras peredaran air yang seimbang di dalam badan, mengekalkan tekanan penembusan dalaman dan luaran membran, sintesis keasidan perut, menggalakkan rembesan jus pencernaan, menambahkah selera. Pada masa yang sama, ia menjamin nilai pH yang diperlukan untuk tindakan enzim protease perut, mengekalkan keseimbangan pH dalam badan dan peredaran normal bendalir tubuh. Hai-O Garam Buluh tidak mengandungi sebarang bahan tambahan, logam berat dan bahan kimia, malah kaya dengan bahan mineral dan elemen surih. Gantikan garam biasa dengan Hai-O Garam Buluh, dapat membekalkan nutrien terbaik untuk badan.

Adakah kuantiti penggunaan yang lebih banyak diperlukan untuk menghasilkan rasa yang sama ketika menggunakan Hai-O Garam Buluh untuk memasak?
Tidak perlu, kemasinan Hai-O Garam Buluh adalah sama dengan garam biasa.

Adakah memasak dengan suhu tinggi akan merosakkan nutrien dalam Hai-O Garam Buluh?


Cara Penggunaan: 

Gunakan Hai-O Garam Buluh Premier Cooking Salt Powder dalam jumlah yang sesuai pada semua masakan seharian. 

Harga Pasaran:

Harga Promotion:
M150 untuk 3 botol ie RM50/botol.

Garam Buluh juga ada dalam bentuk berikut:
1) Garam Buluh Premier Drink. Sila klik SINI untuk lebih info tentang Garam Buluh Premier Drink.
2) Hai-O Mineral Coffee
Hubungi saya jika anda berminat ya:

Irda Adillasafwati Idris
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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Power of Social Media Marketing

 Remember my post HERE?

 Let me quote a bit of the post..

"Green Leaders Group lead by young generation, all ideas are fresh and unique! We like to step forward and move fast! 

We are the NO. 1 ONLINE PIONEER, cause back in 2009 masa tu Premium Beautiful tidak dikenali lagi. And starting from HANIS HAIZI, the
founder of Premium Beautiful *Top Agent and Green Leaders Group maka terciptalah Revolusi Premium Beautiful Online! 

Dan yang dapat tempias ialah rakan-rakan kongsi!! :) To all GLG Team we have special spot on social media marketing and how important internet in our life. Kalau kita tak step forward kita akan ketinggalan. And the best part, everybody will learn the "workable method", including other groups too! :)

The best part if you Google Premium Beautiful
boleh kata 98% adalah from 
Green Leaders Group!

Now I am working on my blog, to be featured into the Top 10 pages of Google search Premium Beautiful.."

Well.. an update from the post above.. In only less than 5 months doing this Premium Beautiful business using Social Media Marketing via  Blogging and Facebook.. I'm proud to announce that I have tap the Top 10 pages of Google search on Premium Beautiful.. and I am featured at the 3rd page.. Yay Yay!!

Ok.. I know i know.. Eleh baru 3rd page dah nak eksen.. hehehe.. Alah guys.. Bagilah chance nak celebrate.. Hard work have been put in tau... Now need to maintain and update more for my blog readers..

Will update more on the Social Media Marketing by Green Leaders Group.. 

So stay tune...

Friday, 9 November 2012

Green Leaders Group September 2012 Celebration at B32

Every month our stockist ie B32 owner, CDM Chan & Madam Lam will do a reward night for achievers for the month. Example of rewards will be branded watch for "Jam Tangan Achievers" ie those who manage to secure sales of RM100,000 or more for the month, branded business pen for those who reached Double Diamond Manager level and a branded handbag plus cake cutting ceremony for those who had reached Crown Double Manager.

For September 2012 celebration, for first time ever there were 2 ceremonies held because there were too many qualifiers. And guess what, 1 award night were held just to celebrate Green Leaders Group achievers only... Wow.. Amazing right?

So, on last 24th October 2012 (Wednesday), we headed to B32 for the weekly Wednesday class..

The set up..

Speakers for the night and MC for the night - CDM Sha Khalid, CDM Maisarah Ibrahim & CDM Hanis Haizi

CDM Sha Khalid in action. Sharing her experience in the business and also introducing the next speaker ie CDM Maisarah.

CDM Maisarah Ibrahim, the 1st business partner of CDM Hanis Haizi.. Have been going through ups and downs with CDM Hanis Haizi for more than 3 years together. She shared with the class about the topic of "Rejection and How to Overcome It". A good sharing I would say..

"The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire and the size of your dreams and how you handle disappoinment along the way..." - CDM Maisarah Ibrahim

After the sharing by CDM Maisarah Ibrahim, its the time for the award giving ceremony... First, the 100G receivers ie awards for RM100,000 sales for a month. They received designer watch each.

One of the receiver for Double Diamond Manager award - prize = designer business pen.

Another Double Diamond Manager, husband of CDM Adibah Karimah. Who said that that business is only just for women.. DDM Dr Hasbi Harun is a medical doctor ok guys.. If he can do it, so can you!!

Now is CDM Hanis Haizi turn to introduce the new CDM. Besides that, CDM Hanis Haizi also share about how she met CDM Adibah Karimah a year ago in Kedah.

CDM Adibah Karimah cutting the CDM Cake with her business partners and mentors. She is a 26 year old mom of 2, now is 7 months pregnant. Used to be a full time housewife. Then she ventured into a conventional batik business but as time pass, her debts are also high.. She closed down her business and ventured into PB business. The first time she joined the business, luck was not at her side. She got into the wrong group. A year ago, she called up CDM Hanis Haizi to meet her in Kedah and she never turned back. She rejoined the business and guess what, success is on her side. That's why it is important to join the correct or right group.. With her hardwork and guide from mentors, she managed to be a CDM in only a year and had just changed her ride to a new F30, BMW 3 series in the month of October 2012. I am so proud of her achievements. She had achieved so much at the age of 26.

After the class and award ceremony, as usual we have an O Group session with CDM Naa Kamaruddin.

Remember at my last post I told you about DDM Cik Cida. Guess what.. her blue 3 series BMW is out! Yay!! So after our class that night, we all take the chance to grab the aura and motivation and posed with Cik Cida's new ride..

Us Beautiful Circles and Professional Intelligent Network members!!

Last 5 months, our mentor the founder of Beautiful Circle, CDM Naa Kamaruddin got her new BMW out (on the right).. Now after 5 months, her protege Cik Cida got one too (on the left).. InsyaAllah, who knows in 2013 i will drive my own BMW too? InsyaAllah...

Me with Cik Cida's new ride..

Me with my mentors BMW..







My dream car.. BMW X6 in RED.. :) InsyaAllah one day...

Monday, 5 November 2012

Our Beautiful Circle Team in Action and Cik Cida's Birthday Celebration

As usual, every Wednesday and Saturday we have our "Ilmu Menjana Pendapatan" (IMP) Class at B32. 

And on 10 October 2012, Wednesday it is the Beautiful Circles (under CDM Naa Kamaruddin) team turn under Green Leaders Group (founded by CDM Hanis Haizi) to conduct the class at B32. 

** The MC and speaker for the night.. bakal CDM Cik Cida & CDM Naa Kamaruddin.. all prepared to share their experience and knowledge to the entrepreneurs that are eager to get all the motivation and all..

** Cik Cida being the MC for the night.. She joined the business 1 year ago few months before she got married. Although she was busy with the wedding preparation, she closed 1 eye and joined the business because she knew that she need money not only for the wedding but also to support her life after the wedding although she is working as an executive in 1 of the TELCO. She quit her full time job not long after joining the business and now she's earning solid 5 figures income each month and soon she will be crowned the highest position in the company ie Crown Diamond Manager. I will story more about Cik Cida in my next post.. so stay tune guys..

CDM Naa Kamaruddin in action.. I am so proud to be under her team. Just imagine less than two years ago, she was just a plain housewife. After only a year in the business she managed to reach the highest position in the business and managed to changed her ride from a MYVi to a BMW. But what I admire most about her is her ability to talk with confidence and charisma in front of hundreds of people. Even CDM Rohana Yusoff, our beloved millionaire mentor and motivator in B32 applaud and praised CDM Naa Kamaruddin for her great session that night.

And as usual after the every class, there is O-Group session. As CDM Hanis Haizi was is Milan for holiday, her husband CDM Raz conducted the session.

But that night, our night did not end after the O Group. As it was Cik Cida birthday, Encik Zul, Cik Cida's husband had planned a surprise birthday celebration for Cik Cida..

The sweet couple.. Cik Cida & Encik Zul.. :)

Cik Cida cutting her birthday cake made by Nadhyra Sidek aka Mummy Bunny's Kitchen tokey! Yummy chocolate cake there Nadh!

All happy and surprised Cik Cida..

With Mommy Naa and other business partners..

Group pictures.. Very happy and fun.. Wondering why most of us in pink and black? It was our group theme colour for the night.. :)

Me, Nadhyra, Cik Juju and the Birthday Girl, Cik Cida..

Again.. Me and my leaders Nadh & Cik Juju.. Cik Juju came all the way from Kelantan just to celebrate Cik Cida's birthday... That's the beauty of the business.. We are all like sisters here.. I am so glad that by joining this business, I got a whole lot of new friends.. Not only that, they are all positive and high spirited people with the same aim and goals..

Last but not least, my picture with the Ms Mursyida Mohsin.. Wishing you all the best wishes dear.. Happy 28th Birthday!

** Credit to Syera Begam for the pictures.


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera semua.. Saya bukan nak nyanyi lagu Newboyz hari ni.. walau pun lagu tu memang antara lagu yang po...