Monday, 5 November 2012

Our Beautiful Circle Team in Action and Cik Cida's Birthday Celebration

As usual, every Wednesday and Saturday we have our "Ilmu Menjana Pendapatan" (IMP) Class at B32. 

And on 10 October 2012, Wednesday it is the Beautiful Circles (under CDM Naa Kamaruddin) team turn under Green Leaders Group (founded by CDM Hanis Haizi) to conduct the class at B32. 

** The MC and speaker for the night.. bakal CDM Cik Cida & CDM Naa Kamaruddin.. all prepared to share their experience and knowledge to the entrepreneurs that are eager to get all the motivation and all..

** Cik Cida being the MC for the night.. She joined the business 1 year ago few months before she got married. Although she was busy with the wedding preparation, she closed 1 eye and joined the business because she knew that she need money not only for the wedding but also to support her life after the wedding although she is working as an executive in 1 of the TELCO. She quit her full time job not long after joining the business and now she's earning solid 5 figures income each month and soon she will be crowned the highest position in the company ie Crown Diamond Manager. I will story more about Cik Cida in my next post.. so stay tune guys..

CDM Naa Kamaruddin in action.. I am so proud to be under her team. Just imagine less than two years ago, she was just a plain housewife. After only a year in the business she managed to reach the highest position in the business and managed to changed her ride from a MYVi to a BMW. But what I admire most about her is her ability to talk with confidence and charisma in front of hundreds of people. Even CDM Rohana Yusoff, our beloved millionaire mentor and motivator in B32 applaud and praised CDM Naa Kamaruddin for her great session that night.

And as usual after the every class, there is O-Group session. As CDM Hanis Haizi was is Milan for holiday, her husband CDM Raz conducted the session.

But that night, our night did not end after the O Group. As it was Cik Cida birthday, Encik Zul, Cik Cida's husband had planned a surprise birthday celebration for Cik Cida..

The sweet couple.. Cik Cida & Encik Zul.. :)

Cik Cida cutting her birthday cake made by Nadhyra Sidek aka Mummy Bunny's Kitchen tokey! Yummy chocolate cake there Nadh!

All happy and surprised Cik Cida..

With Mommy Naa and other business partners..

Group pictures.. Very happy and fun.. Wondering why most of us in pink and black? It was our group theme colour for the night.. :)

Me, Nadhyra, Cik Juju and the Birthday Girl, Cik Cida..

Again.. Me and my leaders Nadh & Cik Juju.. Cik Juju came all the way from Kelantan just to celebrate Cik Cida's birthday... That's the beauty of the business.. We are all like sisters here.. I am so glad that by joining this business, I got a whole lot of new friends.. Not only that, they are all positive and high spirited people with the same aim and goals..

Last but not least, my picture with the Ms Mursyida Mohsin.. Wishing you all the best wishes dear.. Happy 28th Birthday!

** Credit to Syera Begam for the pictures.

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