Thursday, 15 November 2012

Power of Social Media Marketing

 Remember my post HERE?

 Let me quote a bit of the post..

"Green Leaders Group lead by young generation, all ideas are fresh and unique! We like to step forward and move fast! 

We are the NO. 1 ONLINE PIONEER, cause back in 2009 masa tu Premium Beautiful tidak dikenali lagi. And starting from HANIS HAIZI, the
founder of Premium Beautiful *Top Agent and Green Leaders Group maka terciptalah Revolusi Premium Beautiful Online! 

Dan yang dapat tempias ialah rakan-rakan kongsi!! :) To all GLG Team we have special spot on social media marketing and how important internet in our life. Kalau kita tak step forward kita akan ketinggalan. And the best part, everybody will learn the "workable method", including other groups too! :)

The best part if you Google Premium Beautiful
boleh kata 98% adalah from 
Green Leaders Group!

Now I am working on my blog, to be featured into the Top 10 pages of Google search Premium Beautiful.."

Well.. an update from the post above.. In only less than 5 months doing this Premium Beautiful business using Social Media Marketing via  Blogging and Facebook.. I'm proud to announce that I have tap the Top 10 pages of Google search on Premium Beautiful.. and I am featured at the 3rd page.. Yay Yay!!

Ok.. I know i know.. Eleh baru 3rd page dah nak eksen.. hehehe.. Alah guys.. Bagilah chance nak celebrate.. Hard work have been put in tau... Now need to maintain and update more for my blog readers..

Will update more on the Social Media Marketing by Green Leaders Group.. 

So stay tune...


  1. Awesome! well, everyone starts from somewhere... 3rd page is NOT bad at all! keep on doing it and keep on GLAM! haha

  2. Thanks for the comment Raz.. InsyaAllah will try to push myself harder to earn my financial and time freedom!! Yes, keep on GLAM!!



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