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The TRUTH About Premium Beautiful Business!

I want to share this post from CDM Salha Zain's blog.. CDM Salha Zain is one of the CDM Hanis Haizi's earliest business partners way back in 2009.

I have been reading several post of Facebook and blogs from people I know about how bad this business is.. When they failed, they start blaming the system, the company and ect..

When I started doing this business, I did my research. Of course there are a lot of people that are not successful but what about the successful people? Why must we focus about the bad or negative thing when there are a lot of proves and testimonials of other successful enterpreneurs.. I told myself "IF ALL THIS PEOPLE CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!"

When people join this business, there are several things in common with other people that join this business.
1) You are under the same company
2) You have the same products to sell
3) You have the same business plan to follow

All people that join this business, no matter if they are successful or failed in this business, have the same 3 things as I lay out above. So, no point on blaming the company, the product or the business plan if you are not successful. It all comes down to the group you join and you, yourself.

By joining the right group, you will get every support that you can get. I don't know about other group but since I join this business, my fellow business partners and mentors had been at my back, backing me up, motivating me, lend me their hands and ears whenever I needed help and an extra push. Not just from my direct leader but all other mentors like Bakal CDM Cik Cida and even CDM Naa Kamaruddin herself. Thats what our mentors in Green Leaders Group teach us. Everything must be done in TEAM.

T ogether E veryone A chieve M ore!

And why I said YOU is important? For godsake, THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS. YOURS!! You are the one that need to do something whenever you had the feelings that things are not going your way.. Consult the people that had already been through what you're going through.. FOLLOW YOUR LEADERS closely.. This is a reminder for myself also for sure.. I am still in my learning path and I hope one day I will make it to where I want it to be.. InsyaAllah..

So, for those of you that still have doubts, please read the post below. You can read the full post HERE.



Lately ramai betul Salha discover kat luar sana yang ada ‘bad experience’ dengan bisnes. Ada jugak yang nak buat bisnes tapi demotivated lepas baca blog-blog yang kononnya ‘expert’ on giving opinion (actually one-sided review focussing on those yang gagal for watever reason). As for me, Alhamdulillah Salha dijodohkan dengan MENTOR + KUMPULAN yang betul… so ALL these things DID NOT happen in my business group. So kat sini, Salha just nak REVEAL, why in GLAM and B32, we are DIFFERENT.

Korset PB dah lebih 10 tahun dalam market. Dapat SUPERBRAND. Ada Lifetime Warranty. Thousands of POSITIVE testimonials from clients. Customers yang repeat beli set pun ramai, yang pakai lebih dari 2-3 set pun ramai, and everyday makin ramai yang nak pakai corset ni. And everyday jugak more and more young women yg akan pakai produk ni. Yang nak shape-up, yang nak slimming, yang nak get curvalicious body, yang sakit belakang, yang nak eliminate period pain, yang ikhtiar nak concieve, yang nak sihat, yang nak bengkung after pregnancy… U name it. Pendek kata, SENANG JUAL. Market is wide open and InsyaAllah bersifat longterm.


From the moment you signup as business partner, until u jadi CDM (and forever), mentor sentiasa ada untuk bimbing. There is no such thing as “Ok, set dah ada, pegila jual sendiri.” No no no… Not in our group. Ilmu produk sentiasa disediakan, ilmu marketing online or offline pun disediakan. Plus ilmu membimbing etc… As long as the student is ready, the teacher will always be ready to teach.

Leader pulak bukan rookie or newbies, leaders terdiri dari lapisan leaders yg dah capai semua yg boleh dicapai. Jam Tangan, Tabung Kereta, pangkat CDM, Melancong trip Eropah, income 5-6 angka dan juga simpanan juta. Maknanya, kalau leader dah capai, CONFIRM kami boleh bimbing anda untuk capai benda yg sama. This year alone, Salha dah lahirkan lagi 3 CDM baru under my mentorship even tak sampai 3 tahun pun dalam biz ni..


4. EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE…Pengalaman lebih 10 tahun dalam bisnes yg sama. Bisnes longterm, bisnes sepanjang hayat. Itulah matlamat yg diterapkan dan dah dibuktikan oleh top leaders kami. Pada Salha ni sangat penting sebab, betapa ramai org yg buat bisnes kat luar sana tapi hanya bertahan jangka pendek. Alhamdulillah Salha sendiri dah nak masuk tahun ke-4 berbisnes PB ni. Semua ni tak mungkin berlaku kalau tiadanya pengalaman dan strategi yang terbukti.


When it comes to business for the future, Salha rasa bertuah sgt dijodohkan dgn GLAM yang merupakan pioneer in online marketing yang dah berjaya generate milllions sales. Dulu nama Irfan Khairi jutawan internet, sekarang kami pun dah berjaya gunakan online generate millions and millions of sales not just from Malaysia but soon all over the World! Nak tahu how? Come, join and stick with us. We dont just teach theories, we show u how u can do what we did.

So, kalau you nak tau the TRUTH about PB bisnes, refer to the right source. If you nak berjaya in the business, learn from orang yang dah berjaya. Make sense?



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