Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Ok.. since the School Holiday will start soon.. 

and as usual, there will be a lot of couples that will get married..

So, I think I want to make these bulk purchase promotion again...

Ok here goes...

If you buy from me 4 Premium Beautiful Corsets with full price, 

I will give you another Premium Beautiful Corset set for FREE!

Meaning, purchase 5 sets of Premium Beautiful Corsets for the price of 4 sets only!!

So what are you waiting for?

If you are the bride, I am sure you want to look lean, slim and confident during your big days.. And you would also want your bridesmaid to look awesome too right?

So, grab the deal and get your bridesmaid a pair of Premium Beautiful Corset and you will wear yours for FREE...

Besides, I am sure the Mom of the bride, the sisters of the bride wants to look elegant too right?

This offer starts  NOW until 31 MAY 2013 ok!! 

Book your Premium Beautiful Corset now before we run out of  stock!!

  Hope to hear from you all soon!
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Irda Adillasafwati Idris
019 280 2631

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

SARAWAK! Here we come...

I will be in SARAWAK for 3 days! 
From 18th to 20th May 2013.

Are you..

Looking out for something new?

Finding solution to generate solid monthly side income that can reach up to 5 figures?

Ready to upgrade your family financial position?


Be the next top social entrepreneurs under Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM)!
Be one of GLAMpreneur under GLAM SARAWAK!

Set your date with me and i am glad to share my experience with you.
We have a lot of success stories in GLAM, and now
 let's create more success stories together.

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Irda Adillasafwati Idris
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